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Hello, we're the Millers! 


Our Family

Daniel and Megan got married in October of 2010 and since have been blessed with 4 kids ranging in all ages.  In 2014, Dan and Megan decided to move the family to Nashua, IA where they have resided on their farm ever since.  Since moving, they have worked hard at cleaning up the property, remodeling the house and truly making this their "home" for their family to enjoy. Along with the never ending list of changes, chores, hobbies, sporting events, starting a family and now helping run the business, Megan successfully went on to earn her ARNP and currently practices in Cedar Falls.  Daniel earned an AA degree in business and for the previous 8 years before taking the leap and starting Miller Custom Processing LLC, he worked as an engineer along with doing work in manufacturing. 

Our Business.

Miller Custom Processing LLC


​Although he comes from an engineering background, Daniel is no stranger to meat processing. Daniel has been working as a butcher for over 15 years, where it first started as a hobby when he had extra time, to what has now turned into a full time self-started company.  In 2020 Dan decided to take the next step forward with his dream, by starting small and setting up a butcher room in the shed to start processing their own beef and pork. Once started, people caught wind of Dan's exceptional work and out of curiosity they started calling and asking if  they would go bigger, or to officially make it a licensed locker. Throughout the next year, with the help of friends and family Dan and Megan did just that and they were able to completely renovate their building into a fully functional locker and even put an extra addition on to satisfy the extensive workload. As of June 1st 2021, Miller Custom Processing LLC was officially licensed and ready to operate.  Miller Custom Processing currently butchers beef, pork, lamb, and deer along with offering a wide variety of retail products in their storefront that includes select cuts of meat, spices, apparel and more.

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